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We care about your story!

Using your own story, TRUMOTIVATE helps you better understand your God-given motivations and what the Lord has purposed for you to do and why. “Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others, faithfully administering God’s grace in its various forms.” 1 Peter 4: 10–11

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TRUMOTIVATE was instrumental in my career decision. It brought clarity to what I should look for in a career so I could utilize my motivations and be satisfied by my daily work. My core motivations were simply articulated by the test results which made it easy to pick between multiple careers. I was so surprised that it would help me so much and recommend TRUMOTIVATE to anyone who is looking for direction in their future after UNW. The test equipped my career coach at Northwestern to know me better than I could explain myself, and empowered them to guide me in the right direction.
TruMotivate - Sydney Narloch

What is the TRUMOTIVATE Experience?

The TRUMOTIVATE experience is especially designed to bring the insight of motivation to students during an important time in their lives. Using their own stories, TRUMOTIVATE helps students understand what the Lord has purposed them to do and why. The TRUMOTIVATE assessment report not only reveals top 5 motivations, but contains links to help students explore their career options. This is a terrific opportunity to bring self-awareness and insight to students that will serve them a lifetime.  We are committed to helping our students understand their God-given purpose and their gifts.

We Care About Your Story

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Motivations Matter

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Motivations Lead to Purposeful Work

  • Motivations can help you discover your God-given design and what makes you unique.
  • The TRUMOTIVATE report is a tool that can help you articulate and give meaning to something that isn't always so easily seen or understood.
  • TRUMOTIVATE will help you explore various career paths that will help guide you towards roles and work environments where you'll thrive.
  • Research shows that when you have a strong motivational fit to a role you'll have higher levels of joy and satisfaction in your work.

We'll Help You Get Started!

For more information contact UNW’s Career Development team.

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University of Northwestern and TruMotivate Partnership

UNW was selected to partner with Barna Research Group and TRUMOTIVATE to be the first Christian Higher Educational Institution to offer the TRUMOTIVATE Experience.

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