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Mission & Values

Mission & Values Statement of the Academy of Music

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University of Northwestern Academy of Music Mission Statement

The Academy of Music seeks to provide quality musical instruction and performance opportunities for community members of all ages and backgrounds to develop their God-given gifts.

Goal 1: Provide musical instruction and performance opportunities

  • Offer private and group lessons for all ability levels.
  • Offer varied levels of teacher experience and education, as well as varied costs.
  • Offer a variety of ensembles to supplement the lesson experience.
  • Offer performance opportunities each semester.
  • Offer summer opportunities for lessons, ensembles and camps.

Goal 2: Provide supervised teaching experiences for current UNW students

  • Provide valuable experience to UNW music students through teaching private lessons or assisting ensemble directors.
  • Provide mentoring and professional development to student instructors.
  • Provide competitive wages.

Goal 3: Recruit students to UNW

  • Share prospective student information with UNW Admissions for follow-up.
  • Include Academy families in Music Department and University publicity mailings.
  • Develop interaction between music faculty and Academy students and families.
  • Strengthen the ability of the AOM to attract and retain gifted potential music majors.

Goal 4: Maintain wise stewardship of resources

  • Maintain up-to-date financial records in collaboration with the UNW Accounting Office.
  • Explore grant opportunities with UNW Grants Office.
  • Maintain affordable pricing structures to enable lower-income community members to participate.
  • Maintain a self-sustaining budget that will adequately cover AOM expenses
  • Establish funding for potential new programs.
  • Use allocated space on campus and satellites wisely.

Goal 5: Communicate program to community and current customers

  • Publicize program to area schools, home-school groups and churches.
  • Maintain a professional, informative, and up-to-date website.
  • Provide e-newsletters on a regular basis.
  • Provide excellent customer service.
  • Market program offerings through community advertising.

Goal 6: Provide Community Outreach

  • Offer satellite locations in various area churches.
  • Offer children’s concerts and other community events.
  • Foster partnerships with local schools.
  • Foster partnerships with local churches.

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