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Private Lesson Registration

Ready to register for private music lessons? Learn more about registration details and check out the term schedule here.

Piano student and instructor

Registration is open for the current term and remains open so that students may register to begin lessons at any point in the term. To find out when registration will open for the next term, please see the Academy Calendar.

Current students who have made arrangements with an instructor may register online, but new students will need to register through the Academy of Music office. See registration steps below for both new and current students.

There will be a $20 late registration fee applied if a student begins lessons before registering.

New Students:

  1. Call 651-631-5108 to find out instructor availability and to register.
    Your online account will be set up during this phone call.
  2. Once registered, your instructor will contact you to confirm the scheduled lessons.
  3. Wait to hear from your new instructor.
  4. Attend your lessons!

Current Students:

  1. Confirm lesson day and time with your instructor.
  2. Login to your account.*
  3. Search for lessons by instrument title, and add desired lesson to your cart.
  4. Follow the prompts on each page to finish registration.

*Note that online registration requires payment in full by credit card. If you wish to pay by another method or to set up a monthly payment plan, please call the Academy of Music office at 651-631-5108 to register.

Lesson Option Explanations:

  • Full Fall: 13 lessons during a 15-week term
  • Full Spring: 15 lessons during a 17-week term
  • Prorated: choose the number of lessons that will fit your schedule (available during fall, spring, and summer terms)

Additional prorated lessons may be added at the end of each term as arranged by the instructor and student. After making arrangements with an instructor for additional lessons, students should contact the Academy of Music office to register for the additional lessons.

Full Year vs. Single Semester Registration

Registration is done on a semester by semester basis. In order to register for a full year, when registering for the full fall semester (13 lessons), answer 'YES' at checkout to be automatically registered for the full spring semester (15 lessons).

Our office will then register you for a full semester of spring lessons (15 lessons with the same instructor, instrument, lesson length, and day/time) and an invoice will be sent to you by December 1, with first payment for spring semester due by January 15. Spring registration is not paid for during fall registration. The spring registration fee ($20 value) will be waived if automatically registered as well as the spring $20 payment plan fee if a payment plan was set up for the fall semester. When you receive the invoice, you may reply 'cancel' and your spring registration will be deleted with no charges.

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