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Department of Biology & Biochemistry
Science and Theology Minor
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Department of Biology & Biochemistry

Science and Theology Minor

  • Minor
  • Undergraduate

20 credits

required for minor

20 credits

20 credits

required for minor

Our unique science and theology minor will teach you how to integrate your faith into the current ethical and scientific issues facing our world, foster your creative thinking abilities, equip you to make a positive contribution to the science and religion dialogue, and show you how scholarship and research can be worship. This minor will equip you for a number of exciting post-graduation opportunities.

Some classes in this minor include:
  • Research
  • Biology Internship
  • Metaphysics
  • Introduction to Scientific Thought
  • Science and Theology
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I don’t believe this is a vocation, it’s a calling. I pray with my students; I walk alongside of them in their journey of faith. I try to open up to them new ways of knowing God through studying His creation.
Lisanne Winslow
Professor of Biology

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