The hidden world of theatrical design

5:07 PM

Andrew Lloyd Weber’s The Phantom of the Opera has been kept exclusively to Broadway stages for years, only recently made available for collegiate stages. Beginning Thursday, October 23, the... Read more »

Drumming up spirit at Homecoming

1:40 PM

As the Eagles football team entered the field for their Homecoming game on October 3 they were greeted by a packed stadium of fans, the UNW cheer squad and the percussive cadences of the... Read more »

Love for Scripture brings Torah to Northwestern

9:00 AM

“Open your Bibles to…” are words spoken by pastors around the world on any given day of worship. Congregations reach for their Bibles, or their phones, tablets or other devices to pull up their... Read more »

Five fresh leadership concepts from Fuel 2015

6:00 PM

When Jim Johnson and the Development Relations team began a conference to help youth workers get refreshed, replenished and refueled, they could not have known what God would do with their efforts... Read more »

Your encouragement could be worth $1,000

2:00 PM

When was the last time you were able to really encourage someone? Not just with a “Good job,” or “Way to go” in recognition for performance, but with high-impact, significant affirmation that... Read more »

The inescapable secret of online learning

4:10 PM

If you’re thinking about taking an online course, or pursuing an online degree, there is a secret you should know about.  One thing you do know—probably at the forefront of your mind, is... Read more »

Behind Truest: Hope on a journey with mental illness

1:44 PM

Admissions counselor and author Jackie Lea Sommers '03 will release her first young adult novel,  Truest,  on September 1. As one of her reviewers says, she "takes the YA genre to a new... Read more »

Enter Northwestern’s first Homecoming 5K

2:12 PM

Development team members Matt Anderson ’12 and Teri (Smith) Norby '94 have temporary titles for Homecoming this year: race organizers. They are working with the Office of Alumni Relations to bring... Read more »

Karen Swallow Prior gives literature a voice you can't ignore

5:30 PM

Scanning titles of Karen Swallow Prior’s most recent articles , a stranger may never guess this upcoming, passionate voice in the online public square belongs to a professor of English. The... Read more »

Four struggles you'll face in college—and how to conquer them

5:00 PM

Four struggles you'll face in college—and how to conquer them. Read more »

A successful merger: Christ and the corporate world

6:04 PM

Simon Hearne spent most of his adult life climbing the corporate ladder. He didn’t stop climbing completely, but in 2006 his life took a dramatic turn as he came to know Christ at age 42. ... Read more »

President Cureton to participate in NCAA Division I Strategic Summit

11:00 AM

The NCAA has announced President Alan S. Cureton, Ph.D. as one of two participants from Minnesota at its Division I Strategic Summit in Indianapolis. Along with University of Minnesota... Read more »

A new kind of MBA

3:00 PM

Northwestern’s new MBA is anything but typical. Launched last fall, the first MBA cohort consists of 30 pioneers taking advantage of the flexible format and biblically grounded courses. They will... Read more »

In high school or college? Why internships should be important to you

11:00 AM

While life after college graduation might seem a long way off, each day of your college journey is a step closer to the career for which you’re preparing. It’s not too soon to be working toward... Read more »

Seven ways to do big things with big faith

9:00 AM

A faith-based approach to reaching your goal Tenaya (T.J.) Tison’s path to earning a college degree was more of a zig-zag than a straight line. It included three colleges, getting married,... Read more »

Building an entrepreneurial spirit with love, power and self-discipline

3:00 PM

It’s time we faced it—many of us are spectators when it comes to our ideas and dreams. There is something yet to come alive in us. You may call that “something” an entrepreneurial spirit. An ... Read more »

Northwestern students debut cinematic skill—and faith—on the big screen

10:45 PM

Why Christians should enter the film industry The intersection of faith and art has long been a point of conversation for Christians around the world. Northwestern students are pouring their... Read more »

UNW hosts Winchell Undergraduate Research Symposium

3:45 PM

This Saturday will mark the 27th Annual Winchell Undergraduate Research Symposium, a forum for undergraduate students from schools throughout Minnesota to present their research in the sciences.... Read more »

Saying 'yes' to God and science: Dr. Sickler's new project

7:58 PM

Assistant Professor of Philosophy Bradley Sickler ’s window is open. The sunlight and earthy air filling his office mean much more than season change—they are a declaration that not only is God... Read more »

Act Six scholars chosen: Nine young leaders trained to transform campus

4:30 PM

"My hope: that UNW embrace God's missionary approach that it is better together to serve God in an increasingly multicultural and diverse Minnesota. The impact Act Six will have depends on how UNW... Read more »