Seeking more than a major

2:32 PM

The most frequently asked question for high school graduates or college students has to be “what is your major?” This isn’t always easy to answer since, according to the Department of Education,... Read more »

From PSEO student to nursing graduate by age 19

11:32 PM

Growing up, Sarah Norberg was no stranger to the University of Northwestern, having taken piano lessons from music department students since she was six years old. She grew up visiting the... Read more »

The power of gratitude

11:03 PM

Have you ever stepped into the presence of someone who exudes joy?  How did you feel?  Did you leave wondering what you’re missing in your own spiritual journey and why that joy eludes... Read more »

UNW Football earns first-ever NCAA playoff spot

4:19 PM

This fall has been truly remarkable for the UNW Eagles.  The University of Northwestern football team made team history on November 5, as they captured the Upper Midwest Athletic... Read more »

UNW Volleyball ends season with first-ever Final Four appearance

3:29 AM

It’s been a history-making week for UNW's Volleyball team.   The 18th-ranked University of Northwestern and 13th-ranked Eastern University battled hard during their five-set... Read more »

Free college courses while still in high school!

8:49 PM

What is Dual Enrollment? Dual enrollment programs allow high school students to take college courses that count for both high school and college credit at little to no cost. This allows... Read more »

Swiss student, Rebecca Honegger, breaks down barriers

10:12 PM

Growing up outside of Zurich, Switzerland, Rebecca Honegger dreamed of someday becoming a doctor. Her mom, a medical assistant, and her pastor father, encouraged her but were concerned about her... Read more »

Thinking about the 2016 election

6:25 PM

By Jonathan Den Hartog, Ph.D. In the past few months, I’ve received many inquiries about how Christians might think about the upcoming election. I’m grateful for the chance to share some... Read more »

Going Deeper Into the Woods

7:16 PM

Follow a twisty tale through the woods, with a stop at Grandmother’s house, an escape in Cinderella’s slippers, and a climb up to Rapunzel’s tower. Northwestern’s theater production of Into the... Read more »

Music in Motion

9:18 PM

Have you ever listened to music playing behind movie or television scenes and wondered what goes through a composer’s mind as he/she looks at a scene and determines what music should be used to... Read more »

Opposing political leaders on campus share room and friendship

1:14 PM

As political tension is ratcheting up between republicans and democrats, two Northwestern students stand as a shining example of respect and cooperation, despite being on two ends of the... Read more »

The Socio-economic Contribution of Religion to American Society

10:23 PM

  See more from “The Socio-economic Contribution of Religion to American Society: An Empirical Analysis,” a 2016 study by Brian J. Grim (Georgetown University) and Melissa E. Grim... Read more »

Freshman Survival Guide

8:28 PM

Now that classes are in full swing, here are a few secrets to finding your groove and enjoying life in college. Psst… upperclassmen might be surprised by some of these too.      ... Read more »

Introducing UNW's First Z-Degree: Zero-Textbook-Cost Degree

10:12 PM

University of Northwestern—St. Paul is offering the first zero-textbook-cost degree or “z-degree” in Minnesota and one of the first bachelor z-degrees in the nation, with the online Bachelor of... Read more »

Recent graduates give advice to incoming freshmen

1:20 PM

We asked recent graduates of Northwestern to share their best advice for the incoming freshmen class. This is what some of them shared: Try something new “Try something new that... Read more »

Lighten The Burden

7:00 AM

By Sara Ring A heavy burden for many students today is the ever-increasing cost of textbooks. U.S. News & World Reports noted that the cost of college textbooks has  increased by 82%... Read more »

Alumni advice for 2016 graduates

9:30 PM

We recently asked Northwestern alumni to share their best post-graduation advice with the class of 2016. This is what they said:  “I [graduated] with $15K in student loans…. I lived... Read more »

Northwestern partners with Maranatha Christian Academy for Associate of Arts degree

5:17 PM

Earning college credits while in high school just became a lot easier for students at Maranatha Christian Academy in Brooklyn Park, Minn. Starting in the fall of 2016, MCA students can... Read more »

View from the choir loft: What liturgy taught me about worship

7:31 PM

By Tim Sawyer M.M.   “Something is shared in singing that goes beyond the words alone. This something has taken shape over many centuries in a practice that expresses our deepest... Read more »

Tips for choosing a major, career, and calling

9:52 PM

As summer approaches, college and high school seniors hear a lot of the same question: “So what are you going to do with the rest of your life?” It is a big, intimidating question and everyone... Read more »