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I want to write. Am I doomed to be a barista?

8:12 AM

As an instructor in the professional writing program at UNW, I see lots of talented students. But these students sometimes don’t know how to push this writing life forward as a vocation. With some... Read more »

Don’t be afraid of creative degrees

5:00 AM

by Jackie Lea Sommers ‘03   When I studied creative writing at Northwestern, well-meaning friends and family often joked about my future “career” as a starving artist. Ha. Ha ha ha …... Read more »

The power of gratitude

11:03 PM

Have you ever stepped into the presence of someone who exudes joy?  How did you feel?  Did you leave wondering what you’re missing in your own spiritual journey and why that joy eludes... Read more »

Going Deeper Into the Woods

7:16 PM

Follow a twisty tale through the woods, with a stop at Grandmother’s house, an escape in Cinderella’s slippers, and a climb up to Rapunzel’s tower. Northwestern’s theater production of Into the... Read more »

View from the choir loft: What liturgy taught me about worship

7:31 PM

By Tim Sawyer M.M.   “Something is shared in singing that goes beyond the words alone. This something has taken shape over many centuries in a practice that expresses our deepest... Read more »

Makoto Fujimura to visit campus

8:22 PM

University of Northwestern – St. Paul is delighted to welcome world-renowned artist, writer and speaker Makoto Fujimura to campus on Friday, April 15.   Throughout the day, the public is... Read more »

Color blind sunsets and rainbows

3:00 PM

Sunsets and rainbows are the subjects in a series of fascinating works by two Northwestern art professors. Instead of saturated purples, blues, reds and oranges, these images are composed of a... Read more »

The hidden world of theatrical design

5:07 PM

Andrew Lloyd Weber’s The Phantom of the Opera has been kept exclusively to Broadway stages for years, only recently made available for collegiate stages. Beginning Thursday, October 23, the... Read more »

Northwestern students debut cinematic skill—and faith—on the big screen

10:45 PM

Why Christians should enter the film industry The intersection of faith and art has long been a point of conversation for Christians around the world. Northwestern students are pouring their... Read more »

UNW student viral video challenges table texting

8:39 PM

Matthew Abeler '16 must not be the only one annoyed by inconsiderate texting. His film short “Pass the Salt” attracted five million views on YouTube in 182 countries since early November, offering... Read more »

Professor Joe Smith receives the 2014/2015 McKnight Artist Fellowship

11:12 AM

For the second time, UNW Professor of Art and Design Joe Smith has received the prestigious McKnight Artist Fellowship , an award dedicated to identifying and supporting outstanding mid-career... Read more »

Concerto-Aria Competition Winners Announced

9:00 AM

The Department of Music is proud to announce Emily Baltzer and Anthony Potts as winners of the 2013-14 Concerto-Aria Competition. They were among the 12 contestants that participated in the... Read more »

Ceramist Joanna Buyert '07 featured in Country Living Magazine

9:00 AM

Making a Living: How one artist molded her passion for pottery into a thriving business Country Living Magazine, October Issue Joanna Buyert '07 graduated from Northwestern with a... Read more »

MPR features NWC cellist: Ben Osterhouse solos with Minnesota Symphony

9:00 AM

While many professional orchestra musicians are putting down their instruments for picket signs in the Twin Cities this week, Benjamin Osterhouse will take bow to cello on Sunday night, serenading... Read more »

Trade of Innocents: Alumna produces anti-trafficking film

9:00 AM

Trade of Innocents , a sorrowfully hopeful story from the dark underworld of modern slavery, is lighting theatres and minds across the country this fall with one idea: Justice needs a hero. Be... Read more »

Northwestern launches summer creative arts program

9:00 AM

Northwestern presents a dynamic alternative to traditional summer camp for 9th through 12th graders: Summer Season Creative Arts Workshops. Five all-day workshops provide students with an... Read more »

Music alum, Barrett Radzuin stars in lead role in New York opera

9:00 AM

Northwestern music major Barrett Radziun ’10, will appear in a lead role in the world premiere of Four Sisters , an opera in one act by composer Elena Langer and librettist John Lloyd Davies.... Read more »

Denler Gallery presents Form & Function: Part 2

9:00 AM

Northwestern College Department of Art & Design presents Form & Function: Part 2, the second of two consecutive exhibits displaying the work of Northwestern College senior graphic design... Read more »

Northwestern announces winners of Concerto-Aria Competition

9:00 AM

The Department of Music is proud to announce Carl Christenson and T. Hastings Reeves as winners of the 2011-12 Concerto-Aria Competition. They were among the 17 contestants that participated in... Read more »

Denler Gallery presents Form & Function: Part 1

9:00 AM

Northwestern College Department of Art & Design presents Form & Function: Part 1, the first of two consecutive exhibits displaying the work of Northwestern College senior graphic design... Read more »
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