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How faith ignites scientific curiosity

9:26 PM

Curiosity is at the heart of the scientific method, but does faith have a part to play too? Read more »

Dealing with writer's envy

1:00 PM

Working towards success as a writer is difficult. Watching that success come to your peers while it eludes you can be even more challenging to deal with. Author and professor Heather Peterson... Read more »

What’s the big deal about big data? It’s a big opportunity.

4:48 PM

The field of business data analytics has changed how businesses make decisions. Learn more about this field and how the new degree at UNW aims to prepare students to meet this new industry need. Read more »

I want to write. Am I doomed to be a barista?

8:12 AM

As an instructor in the professional writing program at UNW, I see lots of talented students. But these students sometimes don’t know how to push this writing life forward as a vocation. With some... Read more »

3,000 year old pithos uncovered by Dr. Boyd Seevers

8:28 AM

This past summer, Dr. Boyd Seevers uncovered an artifact that illustrates life in Israel at the time of Judges and helps to confirm the historicity of the book of Joshua. Read more »

Use strategic conflict to drive success

6:39 PM

You never know how Philip Vierling, UNW’s assistant dean of the School of Business, will shake things up. Vierling wears an easy grin, his trademark boots, and Jerry Garcia ties – each tie chosen... Read more »

Going Deeper Into the Woods

7:16 PM

Follow a twisty tale through the woods, with a stop at Grandmother’s house, an escape in Cinderella’s slippers, and a climb up to Rapunzel’s tower. Northwestern’s theater production of Into the... Read more »

Northwestern partners with Maranatha Christian Academy for Associate of Arts degree

5:17 PM

Earning college credits while in high school just became a lot easier for students at Maranatha Christian Academy in Brooklyn Park, Minn. Starting in the fall of 2016, MCA students can... Read more »

Science & Theology: Revelation in the natural world - Part 2

5:58 PM

By Dr. Lisanne Winslow   What can science teach us about God? In a previous article, I introduced the idea that our personal experiences in creation can shape our knowledge of the... Read more »

Science & Theology: Revelation in the natural world - Part 1

9:52 PM

By Dr. Lisanne Winslow   The day was warm and moist as I stood at the edge of the sea with eleven college students. As a biologist and professor at the University of Northwestern, a... Read more »

Announcing: Northwestern now offers Bachelor of Science in Engineering

9:57 PM

Beginning the fall semester of 2016, Northwestern will offer a Bachelor of Science in Engineering with emphases in mechanical, electrical/computer and civil engineering. Students will complete... Read more »

How to get a master's degree...by accident

10:30 AM

It was just a friendly neighborhood book club. Around 10 years ago, Sheri Peterson M’15, a homemaker and mom, gathered regularly with women on the block to enjoy literature together. After... Read more »

Your encouragement could be worth $1,000

2:00 PM

When was the last time you were able to really encourage someone? Not just with a “Good job,” or “Way to go” in recognition for performance, but with high-impact, significant affirmation that... Read more »

The inescapable secret of online learning

4:10 PM

If you’re thinking about taking an online course, or pursuing an online degree, there is a secret you should know about.  One thing you do know—probably at the forefront of your mind, is... Read more »

Karen Swallow Prior gives literature a voice you can't ignore

5:30 PM

Scanning titles of Karen Swallow Prior’s most recent articles , a stranger may never guess this upcoming, passionate voice in the online public square belongs to a professor of English. The... Read more »

A new kind of MBA

3:00 PM

Northwestern’s new MBA is anything but typical. Launched last fall, the first MBA cohort consists of 30 pioneers taking advantage of the flexible format and biblically grounded courses. They will... Read more »

Seven ways to do big things with big faith

9:00 AM

A faith-based approach to reaching your goal Tenaya (T.J.) Tison’s path to earning a college degree was more of a zig-zag than a straight line. It included three colleges, getting married,... Read more »

UNW hosts Winchell Undergraduate Research Symposium

3:45 PM

This Saturday will mark the 27th Annual Winchell Undergraduate Research Symposium, a forum for undergraduate students from schools throughout Minnesota to present their research in the sciences.... Read more »

Saying 'yes' to God and science: Dr. Sickler's new project

7:58 PM

Assistant Professor of Philosophy Bradley Sickler ’s window is open. The sunlight and earthy air filling his office mean much more than season change—they are a declaration that not only is God... Read more »

What do federalists and fleeing slaves have in common? Our history department.

6:37 PM

Underneath piles of dates and names, history holds intrigue for everyone—we cannot help wanting to know the stories leading up to our own. Jonathan Den Hartog and Charles Aling are known for... Read more »
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