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Wendy W. Achilles

Adjunct Instructor

Gregory W. Bourgond

Adjunct Instructor

Alan J. Bradbury

Adjunct Instructor

Annalisa Buerke, M.Ed.

Assistant Director of Field Experiences for the School of...

Annalisa Buerke serves as the early field experience coordinator for all licensure areas in the School of...

Marla K. Dennison

Senior Director of Business Services

Adam Dolezal

Manager of Systems and Programs, Student Academic Advisor, Adjunct...

As an Academic Advisor for the College of Graduate, Online & Adult Learning, I work with inactive...

John Easterling, D.Miss., D.Min.

Professor of Intercultural Studies

John Easterling has been teaching at University Northwestern – St. Paul since the fall of 1988. Prior to...

Amy Evans

Adjunct Instructor

Jana J. Evink

Adjunct Instructor

Nick Fox

Adjunct Instructor

Steven D. Frich

Adjunct Instructor

Dale Gentry, Ph.D.

Associate Professor of Biology & Biochemistry

Jacqueline Glenny, Ed.D.

Professor of Communication

Jacqueline Glenny has taught at the University of Northwestern – St. Paul for over 20 years. She has a...

Brian Goldie

Adjunct Instructor

Jody Goldie

Adjunct Instructor

Abbey J. Harty

Adjunct Instructor

Dale R. (Hutch) Hutchcraft, Ph.D.

Adjunct Instructor

Dr. Hutchcraft is known as UNWSP renaissance man with diverse fields of study and teaching expertise,...

Robin H. Iredale

Adjunct Instructor

Don F. Johnson, M.Div., Ph.D.

Professor of Psychology

Don Johnson came to Northwestern in 1990 to teach in the psychology department. Previously, he served as the...

Trentyn H. Johnson

Adjunct Instructor

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