Northwestern remembers Billy Graham

2:48 PM

February 21, 2018 - The University of Northwestern – St. Paul and Northwestern Media community mourns the loss of the Reverend Billy Graham, the university’s second president and founder of... Read more »

UNW Takes Aim at Sex Trafficking during the Super Bowl

3:39 PM

Behind the party scene is another business that has law enforcement, social services agencies, and churches standing at attention, ready for what the mega sports spectacle will bring. Read more »

Don't say "no" & other interviewing tips

8:07 PM

Ok, it’s all good. You’ve answered the heavy questions during your job interview for what you believe MAY BE your dream job. You’ve got this job in the bag. But then, a sudden pause. Your next... Read more »

4 Things parents should know about paying for college

7:47 PM

Paying for college is, quite honestly, the greatest fear for the families we work with in admissions. They understand the value of our integration of faith and learning, the world-class education,... Read more »

UNW professors reveal their graduation experiences

7:35 PM

Graduating students sometimes forget their professors have gone before them. As each one had been a student stressed, worried or excited about their own graduation, UNW faculty shares their... Read more »

Wise posting in an insecure world

9:54 PM

Neil Stavem discusses wise social media practices with Jonathan McKee, the author of The Teen's Guide to Social Media... and Mobile Devices: 21 Tips to Wise Posting in an Insecure World Read more »

Top Posts of 2017

12:00 AM

What are highlights that remind us why we love #UNWnation? These are. Check out our top posts from 2017. Read more »

Berglund hits 1,000 points, featured on WCCO

4:17 PM

Last week Eagles Basketball's Amy Berglund scored the 1,000th point in her college career. WCCO featured her story of how she found her way to Northwestern. Read more »

Burn the Midnight Oil: Finals Study Tips at the Library

9:03 PM

In keeping with the spirit of finals week, here are 3 study tricks to help you get to Christmas Break! Read more »

Missions opportunity: Intercultural Studies Trip 2018

8:30 AM

Travel to multiple countries, spread the gospel and engage with teaching, service projects and much more? Northwestern gives students a unique opportunity to get involved. Read more »

Northwestern student on science, music and taking opportunities

8:15 AM

With a trajectory towards clinical pharmacy and a love of music, junior Elizabeth Donaldson shares about science, sound, and seeking opportunities. Read more »

Eagles Volleyball puts integrity matter what.

10:24 PM

There’s a powerful force on the UNW Women’s Volleyball team. And, you probably won’t ever see it with your eyes.  Sure, the sheer strength, skill, and determination of these athletes can be... Read more »

Northwestern travels: A global peacemaking experience

2:06 PM

Fly over 2,000 miles to another country with student leaders, faculty, and staff to learn about global peacemaking through the lens of immigration? Fall break meant just this (and much more). Read more »

Faculty Highlight: Engineering Professor Carrie Francis

10:44 PM

Carrie Francis, Ph.D. (Engineering), remembers the joy of working alongside her dad wiring new electrical outlets in the barn of her family’s Illinois hobby farm. At 11 years old, she’d learned... Read more »

Tips for women in leadership

8:53 PM

What does it mean to be a woman in leadership? Northwestern representatives found key insights. Read more »

Northwestern breaks ground on new radio studio and classrooms in Sioux Falls

6:49 PM

University of Northwestern and Northwestern Media collaborate on new building project in Sioux Falls, SD. Read more »

Faculty Highlight: Philip Vierling

9:44 PM

Philip Vierling, MBA, came home from work one night in 1998, put his hand on the outdoor grill and was blasted violently back by the massive force of a propane explosion. His survival, which he... Read more »

The crucial organizational role of stories

1:16 PM

By Peter K. Greer (originally posted at ) Twenty years ago, I graduated from college with a passion to work with a global organization in microenterprise development.... Read more »

20 must-know resume tips

2:24 PM

Northwestern's Career Development office has put together a list of 20 tips to help you make a great first impression and land the interview. Read more »

Northwestern's sacred symbolism in architecture

2:48 PM

The University of Northwestern campus is ranked as one of the most beautiful in the country...what most visitors might miss is the sacred symbolism that architects incorporated around campus. Read more »